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Happy that you’ve stumbled upon Maison Ladorure! My name is Delilah Ben, the person behind the scenes, and behind the foundation of La Dorure. I was a spoiled gourmet child, I used to eat chocolate and French desserts, more than regular food. So, everything started with a childhood memory of French pastry, when my dad used to bring me to a luxurious French Café “La Royale”, to brew his daily espresso coffee. As a child, I was impressed by the burgundy leather sofa, golden lights, sparkling mirrors, and wooden and crafted tables, but the French pastry showcase, impressed me a lot. That was the first strike of love between me and French pastry[…]

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A child's passion for cracking eggs and eating gourmet desserts, to expertise in cooking and baking.

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Baking for us is a cultural form of happiness with family and gather our friends.

“No meal is complete without a piece of warm bread and butter! It’s the best food you will ever taste!”

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Chez Ladorure, enjoy making tested gourmet dishes, step-by-step, prepared with the finest grocery ingredients, written with passion, expertise, and devotion. We shop from Amazon, and we present to you the best gourmet products on the market, including Home & Kitchen, minimalist style and ethical beauty. Just choose the moment to brew your coffee and to explore our magazine.