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The Ultimate Pastry Tools

Are you a novice baker, an addicted pastry person, or an apprentice looking to start a pastry job? maybe better, a hobbyist baker. To make a good recipe and to get the best results, the absolute pastry essentials nowadays are like a good weapon in a jungle! What Are The First Pastry Tools? Sometimes you […]


Macarons’ Meringue

A well done Macaron starts with a very good meringue, so which is the best one for Macarons? (Right now, let’s forget the Swiss meringue); this question was the debate of Pastry Chefs in Europe for a long time, between French, Italian, and Swiss Chefs, each one of them defends the origin of the meringue,  […]


How To Carve A Pumpkin?

Still in Halloween days, and carving Jack O’Lantern, is an amazing duty, especially with kids. The most important tool in Halloween Pumpkin Carving Tools Kit is the mini handheld saw, for kids, they’re in the market safe carving tools, for kids. Step One: Choose a large and round pumpkin, with a flat base and sturdy […]