My passion for desserts, started with my childhood when my daddy used to take me each day with him to drink his evening espresso coffee in a luxurious French café “La Royale”, he asked me to have ice creams as I want and of course some French pastries, besides, a Chupa Chups lollipop.

As a child, standing behind a chic and golden pastry showcase, with all the colors, flavors, and sweet things of French desserts, watching the “pâtissier” making for me ice cream with three flavors, on top, was the dazzling “Chantilly” cream, the melted chocolate, and the crunchy “gaufrettes” (ice cream wafers), while I was waiting for a French pastry piece, to be wrapped gently in a box…that was the start of a love story between me, French patisseries, baking, and fine desserts.

Life’s gone, always, I have had the nostalgia of Home, and French desserts, so, I turned out to an experienced “pâtissière” [by love, as a hobby, but not as a career], I found that the sweet childhood memories of desserts never gone, contrary, it grew, with me, as I grow up, with a childish satisfaction when I eat macarons, brew my morning “caffè latte” with a buttered-flaky croissant, or even making a simple Génoise cake, with buttercream rosettes, until nowadays.

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