What Is The Term Dorure?

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What Is La Dorure?

Glazed, golden and flaky, that’s a well-done viennoiserie, bread or pastry, like Croissants, Petits-Pains, Galette Des Rois, Pithiviers, Panna Cotta, Chellah, Brioche, etc…with a crunchy surface, in a form of a beautiful crust, not burned, slightly golden, a smell between milk and eggs. How to achieve that brilliant image? Simply, with a thin layer of “La Dorure“, sometimes a single layer [couche] the other time, double.

The term “Dorure” [La Dorure] is typically a French one, it is the gilding technique for applying a thin layer of gold to a metal, wood surface, or porcelain, achieving this sophisticated touch of gold.

In pastry,La Dorure” is the mixture of eggs, milk, or water (egg wash) to brush the surface of a pastry, for shine and to protect it from burning; also, it works as a stick, to keep together two dough, like Chaussons.  

They’re Two types Of  “La Dorure” (egg wash): 

  1. Dorure only with the whole egg or only the yolk (egg wash) for puff pastries, tourtes, pies, choux pastry, bread, the Brioche, viennoiseries, etc…
  2. Dorure with eggs and caramel, sugared milk or water with honey, for petits-fours, biscuits, and dry cakes, like Elephant Ear [Palmiers], Biscuits Breton (Sable Bretons).

How To Make Eggs Dorure? 


  • 1                                  egg 
  • 1 tsp                           water or milk
  • A pinch of salt


  1. Whisk the egg vigorously with water or milk.
  2. Add the salt, and whisk slightly, you’ll get a slightly copper color.
  3. Brush the pastry or cookies, take out any excess of egg wash, with the brush.

La Dorure Notes

  • Prepare the “dorure” at the last time, when you want to brush the pastries.
  • For a sourdough recipe, brush for two times, before rising and after.
  • The salt helps eggs to break down, use salt only for sourdough breads.

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