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What Does The Word Pumpkin Mean?

The word pumpkin is thought to be derived from the old French word “pompion” which is derived from the Greek “pepon“, meaning “melon”. Pumpkins, which were around 5,500 B.C. are a species of squashes, native to Mexico and Central America, and cultivated for at least 7,000 years before the European discovery of the New World.

Introducing Pumpkin To Europe

The Columbian exchange in the 16th century, submerged Europe with the “new world” food, among them: Summer and winter squashes, also gourds, which were introduced to Medieval Cuisine.

Because pumpkins were easy to cultivate, sweet, and had a superior flavor, they were accepted easily in England, in Medieval Times. People started to produce stuffed pumpkins, stewed pumpkins, usually, tempered with sugar, spices, and cream, then wrapped in sweet and savory pastries, this was the basics of the pumpkin pie recipe. According to culinary historians, maybe, that first recipe was before the 1500s.

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