Paris The City Of Gastronomy

Paris bakeries and restaurants

What Is The City Of Light?

Paris ‘The City Of light’, that was all the time the surname of Paris, since the Age Of Enlightenment, with the new aphorism of many philosophical reflections from writers and philosophers, like: Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, etc…

But…Paris also is the city of gastronomy, the point here is the connection between Paris and gastronomy, dating from 14th century, the French Cuisine knew big Chefs, like: Guillaume Tirel Taillevent, Pierre La Varenne, Marie-Antoine Carême, and George Auguste Escofier.

The Oldest Paris Restaurants

  • Le Train Bleu (The Blue Train), from 1901, is in the hall of the railway station, with the Rococo and Baroque architecture, reminds you of the neoclassicism of the beautiful time (La Belle  Époque) in Europe before War World 1; the menu is typically French, with a Baba dessert.
  • La Petite Chaise (The Small Chair) is a restaurant dating back to the time of Sun King, Louis 14, from 1680. The menu is typically French, the classicism in food is the way to stick with culinary traditions and the French fine cooking.
  • La Tour D’Argent (The Silver Tower), from 1582, has a luxurious service, proud to cook the pressed duck, raised in its own farm. The  menu “À la carte” with long and descriptive names, has all what you need: “Hors-D’oeuvres”, entremets, “mise en bouche”, etc…
  • Au Chien Qui Fume restaurant (At To The Smoking Dog), from 1740; this name was given in the French literature to any sailor or a man with a bad appearance or temperament,  and the  place was a hangout for “les Halles” Market men, the menu is a seafood and crustacean recipes.

The Classic Paris Patisseries:

  • Stohrer, is the last patisserie renowned name in this list, but not the last one. This historical pastry shop, from 1730, is an eye catching with colors, flaky pastries, Macarons, fresh tarts, Chocolates, decors, etc…Their goal is longevity as the head of the “maison” said. For a pastry addict people, this place is the magic land.
  • Ladurée, may be, this is the first place tourists visit after the Eiffel Tower. Since, 1862, Ladurée starts with the shop situated in the “Rue Royale”, was the first bakery to make two by two Macarons. Lux, refinement, delicacy, from the floor until the ceiling, through, the vintage boxes and satin ribbons, tells you the tradition of the bakery with the colorful jewels “Macarons” and the flaky, well buttered, French pastries.

Still France has a rich regional gastronomy, recipes and food manufacture secrets are traditional to the bones, it is a national patrimony, well kept, from centuries. What you see or read in the French pastry or gastronomy is just the minimum, still some jewels need to be discovered. 

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