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What I have learned at home, at early age, is making homemade bread. It was my daily task; besides, baking with my mother all the time, was a family tradition, even a culture; to bake on holidays, celebrations, friends visit. Anytime my mother felt bored, she started to bake! each cup of evening tea or coffee was paired with one of these treats: petits-fours, Baghrir  (a traditional sourdough like pancakes) with butter and honey, petits-pains au chocolat, tart, a simple cake, or just a warm bread with butter and jam or dipped in olive oil (that was the miserable days!). French pastry and cakes comes after a long journey of training, learning, practising and discovering the secrets of French artisan. When somebody ask me for my goals, I answered: “to own a stylish café À La Française,  and a bakery on the Fifth Avenue!”.

Delilah Ben

Founder & Editor In Chief


When I've decided to start blogging, my only ingredients were passion and knowledge. My mother passed away first, then my father after eight years (may their souls rest in peace). What I'm still keeping with me is a happy child's memory, my mother's blue agenda cooking book, and my father's heartwarming smile.


Practise makes perfect, ABL and devotion.

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Reach the perfect balance of taste and texture.