French Macarons With Filling

The classic Macarons recipe usually is made with basic ingredients and filled with red fruits “purée” or chocolate Ganache. The method of making shells is theRead More

raspberry macarons and raspberry fruits

Raspberry and Mascarpone cheese make the perfect marriage for this Macarons recipe. Follow the basic Macarons recipe until step 3, at this stage you should add 1/4 tsp red food coloring, it is better to use paste food coloring, not the liquid one.Read More

pumpkinmacarons with cup of coffee and flowers

Pumpkin macarons are the finest desserts to end up a winter meal: Crunchy, light, and the spiced pumpkin filling, flavored with orange juice, accentuates theRead More

This recipe is almost a classic one, like lemon Macarons, instead of orange you can use any citrus fruits, and change the colors. Play withRead More