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What Is A Pudding?

The pudding is an ancient British invention, it is a characteristic dish, dating back to Medieval Times. In the 17th century, British cuisine had savory and sweet puddings. The word pudding is derived from the Latin word “botellus” meaning sausage, from which came “boudin“, then pudding. The first puddings made by ancient British cooks were similar to sausages.

Even if “the pudding” is a British culinary invention, it has franchised the Manche, so, France and other European countries, also Canada and the United States still serve the sweet pudding, as part of the Christmas dinner, it has been brought by Irish and British immigrants.

What Are Christmas Pudding Ingredients?

The genuine recipe of the Christmas Pudding (Plum Pudding), has high alcohol content, usually cognac, rum, brandy, or dark beer, to avoid spoiling, thus to keep the pudding fresh for more than one month to one year. This recipe doesn’t contain alcohol.

It is preferable not to use neither a fresh bread, nor a very stale bread, the best Christmas Pudding should have much more candied fruits, plums, and so many dried fruits. It is composed of thirteen ingredients, symbolizing Jesus and the Twelve Apostles.

The Christmas Pudding is usually flavored with the four main spices of pumpkin pie spice, and moisten with molasses or black treacle, the suet is necessary to keep a light dough when mixing with the dry ingredients, then it is boiled in a pudding cloth.

How To Make The Christmas Pudding?

Ingredients: 8 servings

For the Pudding :


  1. Mix together all the dry pudding ingredients (it is recommended to use your hands: flour, currants, sultanas, white raisins, candied fruits, candied citrus peel, almonds, mixed spices, ground almonds, salt, and lemon zest.
  2. Blend thoroughly until all the ingredients are well coated, then, add the suet, and bread crumbs. Rub all the mixture with your hands.
  3. Make a hole in the mixture “un puit“, stir in the eggs, dark brown sugar, grape juice, and orange blossom water. Mix well, until the pudding has a soft consistency.
  4. Butter well 1-quart pudding mold, spoon in the pudding. Cover the mold with a pleated double layer of buttered waxed paper. Tigh well the mold with a clean pudding cloth and boil steadily for 4 hours, inside a large pan containing boiling water ( two-thirds up the sides of the mold).
  5. Let the pudding cool, and cover with aluminum foil, then with a clean cloth, store in a cool place, until the moment of serving.
  6. Before serving, boil again the pudding, in steaming water for a further 2 hours. Turn the pudding out of the mold, and garnish with a sprig of a holly leaf.
  7. Serve the Christmas Pudding hot with the sauce.

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