A big easter chocolate egg with tulips

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In pagan times, eggs symbolized fertility, a new life, and a rebirth, humans looked to this white, round thing as a miracle, coming from a chicken, then turned into a small and cute chick. To celebrate Easter, a chocolate bunny, Easter chocolate bells, and Easter chocolate eggs, make a sweet dessert, for joy and happiness around an Easter table. Depending on the mold’s size, you can make large, medium, or small chocolate eggs.

How To Make Easter Chocolate Eggs?


  • 500 g milk or dark chocolate couverture, chopped
  • 5 g Cocoa Butter Powder
  • Silicone egg mold

Preparation Of Easter Chocolate Eggs

(A) 1st step: Temper The Chocolate

  1. Melt the chocolate in a “bain-marie“, and observe the temperature of the chocolate using a thermometer.
  2. When the melted chocolate reaches 40-45° C, stir with the spatula until homogeneous, then pour 2/3 of the chocolate on the working surface (preferably a marble slab, because it’s cold).
  3. With a scraper, spread the chocolate, to be cold, and measure with the thermometer until it reaches 30°C.
  4. Transfer again the melted chocolate onto the bowl with the remaining 1/3 of chocolate. Keep the “bain-marie” hot, stir, and measure.
  5. At 35° C, add the cocoa butter, and stir; let the chocolate cool down to 29° C. Always keep the exact tempering of 29°C.

(B) 2nd step: To Mold The Chocolate

  1. Fill the cavities of the mold up to the rim, swirl the mold and pour the excess of the chocolate into the “bain-marie“, keep the chocolate at 29° C.
  2. Turn the mold upside down on a cooling rack, and eliminate the air bubbles by tapping slightly on the edges.
  3. Let the chocolate solidify, and shape for about 20 minutes. When crystallized, scrape the surface, flip the mold, and scrape again.
  4. Gently tap the mold, and turn it upside down to unmold Chocolate Eggs.
  5. To assemble the egg, heat a saucepan, heat the edge of each half of the egg over the pan, melt slightly the chocolate, then assemble the two shells, forming a glossy Easter Chocolate Egg

La Dorure’s Notes:

  • The tempering keeps the chocolate glossy and easy to unmold.
  • For a larger egg, repeat the steps from 1 until 3, and let the chocolate crystallize in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours.
  • For a fancy touch, assemble chocolate eggs with colorful ribbons.
  • For a surprise touch, insert a small gadget or fortune paper before joining the egg.
  • As a variation, fill the chocolate egg with caramel, almonds, or hazelnuts praline buttercream (see: Paris-Brest recipe).

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