What Is A Chantilly Cream?

What is the White Lady ice cream (Dame Blanche) or an "Einspänner" coffee without the big white cream rosette? That white and creamy rosette is just the whipped cream or Chantilly cream (Crème Chantilly).

Chantilly Cream got the surname "Chantilly", for the good reputation of Chantilly Castle kitchens [Domaine De Chantilly], under the management of the great French Chef François Vatel, in the 17th century. Chef François Vatel was famous by making royal, majestic dinners, and feasts, to the Prince of Condé.

The whipped cream without sugar, was present each time, as a side accompaniment to so many entremets, like: Vacherin, Bavarois, meringues, Charlotte, savarin, etc... and also in some "mousselines" salted creams, like: Hollandaise and mayonnaise.


 Crème Chantilly Recipe

YIELD: about 500 g Chantilly Cream (Whipped Cream)


  • 50 cl                           double cream, cold
  • 10 cl                           milk, cold
  • 40 g                           confectioner's sugar, sifted
  • 1 tsp                           vanilla extract, or vanilla sugar



  1. In a chilled bowl, whip the chilled double cream and the milk, using a large whisks or an electric whisks.
  2. Make an 8 movement, to incorporate the air in the cream, by whipping the cream gradually from slow motion to quick one, when bubbles begin to form.
  3. When the cream has a consistent volume, thickens and forming a stiff peeks, add the sugar and vanilla extract, then  stir with a rubber spatula. The whipped cream should hold its shape, and stick to the wires of the whisks.
  4. Keep chilled in the refrigerator, at least two hours, until you want to use it.

La Dorure Tips

  • If you use "fleurette" cream or liquid cream (about 38% butterfat), don't use milk.
  • Don't whisk too much and keep an eye to the color of the cream, light yellow, means that your whipped cream is transforming to butter.
  • The double cream should be first quality, pure, very heavy and  thick (about 48% butterfat).
  • The double cream and milk should be very cold (about 2 to 6 degrees).
  • The bowl and the whisks should be cold.
  • At a warm environment, more than 18 degrees, it is imperative to put the bowl which contains the double cream, inside  another larger bowl containing ice cubes.



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