Lemon Macarons With White Chocolate

The classic Macarons recipe usually is made with basic ingredients and filled with red fruits “purée” or chocolate Ganache. The method of making shells is the same, therefore, when you prepare the lemon Macarons filling, add the zest, color, and flavor; also you can make two different colors of shells. Always start with a small quantity. […]

Pumpkin Macarons

Pumpkin macarons are the finest desserts to end up a winter meal: Crunchy, light, and the spiced pumpkin filling, flavored with orange juice, accentuates the taste. This recipe is made with Italian meringue. How To Make Pumpkin Macarons? Pumpkin Macarons Shells 150 g ground almond (almond meal) 150 g icing sugar 55 g egg white, […]

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