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Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

The carrot cake or Queen Anne’s cake has fans everywhere, maybe, it is due to this strange ‘accolade-mixture’ between the Orient and the Occident, by spices and the cream cheese, even the cake is modest, easy, and quick, you’ll find the ingredients easily, some spices and carrots are sufficient. How To Make Classic Carrot Cake? YIELD: […]

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Classic Black Forest Cake

The Black Forest Cake (Gâteau La Forêt Noire) or “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte”, is the most famous German cake, from the “Schwarzwäld” mountainous region, famous for black cherries plantation and dark chocolate. To prepare for a CAP Pâtissier (Pastry Chef Diploma), you should master the Black Forest Cake, even in some Culinary Schools, the whipped cream of […]

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The Most Fluffy Victoria Sponge Cake

Also known as the Victoria sandwich or Victorian cake, Victoria Sponge Cake is an English classic cake, named after Queen Victoria, who enjoyed to eat a slice with her 5 o’clock afternoon tea. The equal quantities of eggs, butter, sugar, and flour are the same as the pound cake, but the only difference is the baking powder. […]

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Dove Cake

What Is An Easter Dove Cake? Easter Dove Cake or Colomba Di Pasque (Colomba Pasquale), is a traditional Easter cake from Italy. According to Wikipedia: The Colomba was commercialized by the Milanese baker and businessman Angelo Motta as an Easter version of the Christmas speciality Panettone that Motta foods were producing. This recipe has three […]