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Sometimes, you want to prepare a homemade lobster, on special occasions, to serve a rich seafood meal, at the same time, to save money. The feeling of being confused or intimated guides you directly to a restaurant. The lobster is a rich source of protein, Potassium, Zinc, and Niacin, it is considered by nutritionists as an aphrodisiac. The tail contains more nutrients than the claws and the flesh of a female lobster is superior, especially during the egg-laying season

For sure, buying a big crustacean like a lobster, it’s not easy, because a lobster is a portion of luxury food, it is expensive, and to buy a fresh one, it is a matter of seafood Chefs. There are so many lobster recipes, like Lobster soup, grilled lobster with basil butter sauce, lobster croquette, lobster salad with asparagus, lobster “a l’Americaine”, lobster cardinal, lobster Morney, lobster bisque, lobster roll, etc…

What Are Lobster Species?

There are two types of lobster, one is found in Americain waters, the other one is found in European water, it has dark blue color tinged with purple, its joints and feelers are orange, long as its red body (homard rouge). The Americain lobster, is dark mottled green when caught, the best ones from Maine, and are highly flavored than rock lobster (spiny).

The most distinguished sign from a male and a female lobster is their fins: the female’s ones are thick and webbed for holding eggs (Paquette) unfertilized eggs are tastier and considered as a delicacy, also, the flesh at that moment, is more savory and delicate. Meanwhile, the male’s fins are prickly, stiff, and long. You can find lobsters all year round, but the flesh composition varies from season to season.

How Does It Look A Fresh Lobster?

When buying a fresh lobster, look for alive lobster or a frozen one, ask for a cold and warm water one, cold water lobsters are tastier and have more tender meat when cooked, but they are more expensive.

A warm water lobster is distinguished by black spots covering their shells. The odor should be pleasant and it has shiny black eyes. The weight should be between 1 pound until 2 pounds.

How To Freeze A Lobster?

After buying a lobster, it is better to cook it immediately, strained well, and store in the fridge for 1 to 2 days.

  • To freeze lobster’s flesh after cooking: Chill and place the flesh in freezer containers, and cover it with salt and water (1 tablespoon of salt with one cup of water), seal, and put in the freezer.
  • To freeze the whole lobster after cooking: Chill and place in a freezer bag, squeeze out the air, and seal. Do not freeze lobster for longer than one month.
  • When you ask for a cooked lobster, it should have firm flesh, shiny black eyes, and a pleasant odor.

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