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Happy that you've stumbled upon La Dorure, the warm corner for every foodie, sweet tooth and a gourmet. La Dorure Gourmet Magazine, proudly, is aimed for persons who enjoy making the perfect recipe, especially, for beginners and kitchen novices, it is the good address for clear French pastry, baking, desserts worldwide and Haute-P√Ętisserie recipes, besides tips and secrets. The Gourmet page is another world of classic and evergreen recipes, tested and written with attention and professionalism.

La Dorure Gourmet Magazine started with dedication, still, it has the same enthusiasm and passion, for writing food articles, developing and testing recipes. It is a great pleasure of writing, a wonderful journey of searching, and making the heavenly bites, with happy smiles. Also, it is a beautiful result of so many travels and years of experience in culinary, gourmet and pastry arts, around the world.

Prior, to read the recipe carefully, don't forget the notes and tips; follow the steps, with attention and patience, don't be in rush, especially for a dessert. If you have any questions or remarks, please don't hesitate, to e-mail us. Thank you.

Nota Bene that French Pastry and Fine Pastry (Haute-P√Ętisserie), are very delicate fields, to get the best results, our recipes are on Grams, not Cups, using a digital scale, to be more precise and to have at the end the best piece of dessert.

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