Welcome to La Dorure !

Happy that you’ve stumbled upon La Dorure, the warm corner for every sweet tooth and gourmet. La Dorure is a good address for French pastry, baking, cake decorating, and fine desserts.

La Dorure started with enthusiasm and passion for baking, aimed for the novice baker, apprentice, or hobbyists. Our first target is to focus on correct recipes, best ingredients, techniques, methods, tips, and Chefs’ secrets, by sharing what we know. It is an instructive website rather than a blog, which is the start of an upcoming family business: La Dorure Bakery & Café.

Nota Bene that French Pastry and Fine Pastry (Haute-Pâtisserie or Couture Pâtisserie), are very delicate fields; to get the best results, our recipes are on grams, not cups, to be more precise and to have at the end the best and perfect piece of dessert.

We hope that you’ll enjoy baking and making the most delicious dessert. Thank you for joining us.

Happy Baking!

Chef Delilah A. Ben

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