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Welcome to LA DORURE!

Happy that you’ve stumbled upon La Dorure, the warm corner for every sweet tooth and a gourmet. La Dorure is a good address for French pastry, classic international cakes, baking, and fine desserts.

My passion for desserts, started with my childhood when my daddy used to take me each day with him to drink his evening espresso coffee in a luxurious French café “La Royale”, he asked me to have ice creams as I want and of course some French pastries, besides, a Chupa Chups lollipop.

As a child, standing behind a chic and golden pastry showcase, with all the colors, flavors, and sweet things of French desserts, watching the “pâtissier” making for me ice cream with three flavors, on top, was the dazzling “Chantilly” cream, the melted chocolate, and the crunchy “gaufrettes” (ice cream wafers), while I was waiting for a French pastry piece, to be wrapped gently in a box…that was the start of a love story between me, French patisseries, baking, and fine desserts.

Life’s gone, always, I have had the nostalgia of Home, and French desserts, so, I turned out to an experienced “pâtissière” [by love, as a hobby, but not as a career], I found that the sweet childhood memories of desserts never gone, contrary, it grew, with me, as I grow up, with a childish satisfaction when I eat macarons, brew my morning “caffè latte” with a buttered-flaky croissant, or even making a simple Genoise cake, with buttercream rosettes, until nowadays.

In 2019, I have started La Dorure with enthusiasm and passion for baking, aimed at novice bakers, apprentices, or hobbyists. My first target was and still to focus on correct recipes, best ingredients, techniques, methods, tips, and Chefs’ secrets, by sharing my knowledge and expertise. It is an instructive website rather than a blog, which is just the beginning of a long and sweet journey.

The sweetest adventure has just began with the idea to launch “La Dorure’s Gourmet Enthousiasts Art Of Living Magazine”, which include comprehensive and detailed posts, with more professional techniques and methods, to help any foodie to master the most challenging recipes, for French pastry, baking, and fine desserts.

Nota Bene that French Pastry and Fine Pastry (Haute-Pâtisserie or Couture Pâtisserie), are very delicate fields; to get the best results, our recipes are on grams, not cups, to be more precise and to have at the end the best and perfect piece of dessert.

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Don’t forget to join our community of “Enthusiasts Bakers“. We hope that you’ll enjoy baking and making the most delicious desserts, as we do. Thank you for joining us.

Happy Baking!

Delilah A. Ben

Founder Of La Dorure Pâtisserie