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What Is “Mukhasana“?

Mukhasana” is an ancient face yoga routine from India to prevent wrinkles and boost circulation, revealing a younger and glowing face skin. In the Sanskrit language “Mukha” is face and “Sana” is a pose, this yoga is just faced gestures, it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes, but it tones, relaxes, lifts, and firms your facial skin and muscles.

A daily face yoga or “mukhasana” routine can reduce the look of ageing, revealing youthful and glowing skin, and also minimize and prevent wrinkles and sagging. The biological mechanism is that by increasing blood circulation flow, the skin gets more oxygen, which boosts collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin, the face skin returns to its original position revealing a plumper, smoother, tightened, and firmer one.

How To Make Face Yoga For Eyes?

They’re five principal face yoga exercises, in today’s article, we start with eye yoga, those exercises are natural alternatives to eye surgery, Botox, and eyebrow lift. Exercise regularly each day, using anti-ageing rich cream, in the morning or before going to bed, you’ll notice changes after two weeks.

Anti-Aging Eye Exercise For Drooping Eyelids

This is an anti-ageing eye exercise that is specific for drooping eyelids, crow’s feet, eye bags, and puffiness. It strengthens your orbicularis oculi muscle and increases blood flow, helping your eye area appear smoother and younger, use a rich eye cream around your eyes before starting the massage.

  • Forming a (V) with both middle fingers, you press the outer and inner corners of the eyebrows gently.
  • Look to the ceiling, raise the lower eye leading upward to a strong squint, and release to relax. Repeat this exercise nine more times.
  • Finish the eye exercise by squeezing your eyes to shut them tightly for about ten seconds.
  • Tip: Try not to pull in the area between the eyebrows or raise the eyebrows.

Anti-Aging Eye Exercise For Drooping Eyebrows And Deep Eye Hollows

This is another anti-ageing eye exercise that is specific for drooping eyebrows. Use rich eye cream before starting the massage.

  • Place your index fingers, pointing and deep eye hollows towards the nose, on each side, under your eyes. Tease your top and bottom lips, keep them away from each other; hide your teeth.
  • Gaze at the ceiling and flutter your eyelids for thirty seconds.

How To Relax Stressed Eyes?

Gently, scrub your hands together, to get them warm, close your eyes, then pose your palms over your eyelids, relax, breathe, and make a circular clockwise movement on your eyelids for five minutes.
Breath, close your eyes tightly for six seconds, then relax. Repeat three times. This exercise is good for puffy eyes.

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