Christophe Felder Entremet Recipe

Entremet Cake With Almonds

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Some critics consider Christophe Felder to be the creator of plated desserts. He made them famous and breathed new life into desserts in France. He revolutionized the organization of pastry making in the luxury hotel industry, particularly in palaces.

This exotic entremet cake with nougat and chocolate mousse is a fine dessert (Haute-Pâtisserie), made with the finest ingredients, divided into five “appareil” sections, then assembled with patience and elegance. It is an intermediate to Pro recipe.

For one square cake of 18 cm (71/2 inch), you need a square frame with a side of 18 cm and 5 cm in height, and another square frame with a side of 17 cm, and a square shape of 16 cm. Also, you can use a round entremet ring.

How To Make The Entremet Cake?

Exotic Compote Insert


  • 50 g passion fruit puree
  • 30 g apricot puree
  • 60 g mango puree
  • 80 g banana puree
  • 25 g lime juice
  • 30 g granulated sugar
  • 3 g Pectin NH


  1. Mix all fruits puree in a saucepan with lime juice, and bring to heat at 50° C.
  2. Add mixed sugar with pectin, constantly stirring with a whisk, and bring the mixture to a boil.
  3. Cover the 17 cm frame mold with plastic from the bottom and pour 280 grams of the mixture into the frame.
  4. Note that the frame mold should be placed on top of the silicone mat, and a flat baking sheet. Freeze.

Biscuit Dacquoise With Almonds & Hazelnuts


  • 25 g almond flour
  • 30 g hazelnut flour
  • 15 g powdered sugar
  • 10 g low protein flour (superfine/cake flour)
  • 75 g powdered egg whites
  • 70 g granulated sugar


  1. Preheat the oven to 170° C with convection. Sift almond, hazelnut, flour, and powdered sugar into a bowl.
  2. Beat the powdered egg whites until soft peaks, add sugar alternatively, three times, and beat the whites until a medium-stable peak. Gently pour dry ingredients into the meringue and fold in with a silicone spatula.
  3. Place the batter in an 18 cm frame mold, and cook for 20-25 minutes. When the Dacquoise biscuit is done, take it out from the oven, and immediately transfer it to the wire rack, so that it cools down faster and does not grab.

Note that the French meringue is the base of Dacquoise.

How To Make Nougat Crust?


  • 80 g Nougat cream
  • 25 g wafer crumbs
  • 35 g chocolate milk (36% chocolate)
  • 35 g Nougat, cut into small pieces (see recipe for homemade Nougat)


  1. Prepare Nougat cream: Put 200 grams of nougat pieces in a saucepan, and add 200 grams of whipping cream (33%) and 500 grams of whole milk. Bring the mixture to a light boil. With a mesh strainer, strain to remove the nougat nuts, and place them on a paper towel. Return the mixture to the saucepan and bring to a boil again.
  2. Pour 25 grams of cornstarch with 60 grams of egg yolks with sugar over the mixture. Mix the cream well, and return the “appareil” to the saucepan. Cook like a custard, bringing the mixture to a boil and cooking for an additional 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Let the mixture cool down, cover, and put in the refrigerator under the contact film. Weigh the required amount for the recipe (80 g), keep it aside, and reserve the nougat cream, in the refrigerator, for another use.
  3. Mix the chilled nougat cream with waffle crumbs, add the melted milk chocolate, pour the mixture into a 16 cm square mold, and sprinkle with nougat pieces on top. Tap down the mixture lightly with a curved silicone spatula before placing it in the freezer.

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