What Is The Best Macarons’ Meringue?

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A well-done Macaron starts with a very good meringue; so which is the best one for Macarons? (Right now, let’s forget the Swiss meringue); this question was the debate of Pastry Chefs in Europe for a long time, between French, Italian, and Swiss Chefs, each one of them defends the origin of the meringue,  and that the best one was from their countries.

The Italian Meringue For Stable Macarons

The renowned “pâtissiers” Pierre Hermé, Ladurée and Jean-Paul Hévin make their famous Macarons with the Italian meringue, why? because it’s more stable, sure, it takes time and you use more equipment, but you’ll get well-risen macarons, not the “melting” ones; on the other hand, the French meringue is very sensitive to humidity, but macarons are chewier, melt in your mouth and taste more like almond, with a little vertical flatness.
The French Meringue For Elegant Macarons
To get more elegant Macarons with a little flatness, French meringue is the best choice, when eating them, it is the French classic method to make macarons, at their first stage, only, with the natural almond flavor.
In Macarons classes, they start with the French method, but, if you don’t master making Macarons yet, try to start with the Italian meringue, this is the most used for commercial purpose, due to its stability, your disappointment will be less, at least, for the first time.

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