How To Carve A Pumpkin?

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Still on Halloween days, and carving a pumpkin as Jack-O’-Lantern, is an amazing duty, especially with kids. The most important pumpkin carving tool is the mini handheld saw, for kids, they’re in the market for safe carving. Before cutting the pumpkin, wash well and dry with a kitchen cloth. Put a kitchen towel under the pumpkin, so, it won’t slip, and start cutting the lid from the bottom, not the top.

How To Carve Jack-O’-Lantern Design?

As a tradition, Jack-O’-Lantern is carved on a pumpkin, but the same design can be carved over a turnip or other root vegetables. Other designs include bats, haunted houses, baby Yoda, and evil tree trunks, you can check the many ideas on the House Beautiful Website.

1- Choose a large and round pumpkin, with a flat base and sturdy stem, not sloshy and heavy.
2- Trace a zig-zag pattern, with a dry erase marker, at a 45° angle, create a lid by cutting over the zig-zag pattern.

3- Scoop out all the pulp with an ice cream scoop.

4- Trace a design for eyes, nose, and mouth, with a dry erase marker or any other design.
5- Slowly and gently, with a sharp knife, start by making rough cuts make them straight up and down. Add a tea light.

La Dorure’s Tips:

  • Use a boning or serrated knife.
  • Hold the pumpkin in your lap.
  • Use Magic Lantern, New Moon, or Bunch O’Warts pumpkins.
  • Put a kitchen towel, under the pumpkin, before starting to curve.
  • Kepp the seeds and pumpkin for other recipe (see: Butternut Squash Bisque Recipe).

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